Google Allo should be deleted and never used, says Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden has warned people not to use Google’s new chat app, because it lets the company read everything that they say. Google has finally released its new chat app after showing it off over the summer. It comes with a robot that watches everything people say and then stores it for later analysis, using that data to improve the app itself.

Source: Google Allo should be deleted and never used, says Edward Snowden

This is an interesting bit of information as far as privacy concerns go, however one thing that we all have to realize when it comes to our online lives is that very little of our information is truly safe from prying eyes. This especially becomes true when companies like Google are trying to develop apps that predict what you type or that provide targeted ads. However that doesn’t make the concerns regarding privacy less valid, but I think it now has to come down to the consumer to protect themselves and act smart. In other words don’t put something in social media that is public and you may regret someday (such as a rant against your boss) and don’t send something in a text or email that could be used to incriminate you

I am pretty disappointed with Google Allo so far, it doesn’t really seem to be that great of a messaging application. In my opinion, the best part about it is the Google Assistant and I am only using it to send me the weather forecast and random quotes on a daily basis.

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